things to do as a Teenager

It’s Evidential that almost every one wants to succeed in their life, don’t they? Even as a Teenager, you are not excluded as this is the most exciting time of one’s life though it’s also a very trying time in every ones life.

Below are some steps you can use to tackle to your teenage years in other to make good use of it.

Voluntarily Do community services.

Volunteering can not only improve your community’s status in your neighbourhood , it’s always a happy moment who one volunteers themselves for community work,,, because this can actually make you happier. According to researchers and Studies, people who volunteer themselves for community work are less likely to develop depression, anxiety, High blood pressure and other emotional issues & trauma than people who don’t volunteer themselves at all. Find volunteer opportunities that suits and excites you, for example, If you love cooking, always join the community to cook during occasions, If Can cut grasses very well please also do well to help cut down grasses in your environment.

If you love animals you can volunteer to feed or take good care of your community’s livestock.


“Do well in school”
. No matter how difficult & stressful education is, , education will surely assist and help you become a very productive member in your society at large . Struggle & hunger for excellence in school; put in your personal best, pay attention to your teachers, take out time to tackle your homework, study, and attain good and wonderful grades. If you do this out will surely help you gain admission to a better college/university, if this happens, then You are sure of getting a great job in the near future. Education is power without it, you just wasting your time.

 things to do as a Teenager
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Figure out your Main goals and objectives in life and work toward actualizing them.
Start reasoing & contemplating about careers you would like to do in future , it’s always advisable to make good choice based on your interests, capabilities and strengths. This could end up being your your job for the rest of your life on the planet ! You could also work towards non – professional goals, eg. creating your own personal fundraiser, getting good grades in school, joining a team sport that you have interest in etc. Challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve & accomplish. !


Keep good friends Who shares your burden with you
Friends are there to support you and assist you when you get lost in your quest in life, the kind of people you keep around you determines you behaviour and drive to success. Keep away from friends who don’t encourage your hustle, if your friends are always moody and annoyed, it will affect your psyche, and mentality so keep away from bad friends that carry bad vibes around and hang around with friends that has specific goals In life.


Avoid all kinds of trouble , legal or otherwise.
This could end up ruining your future targets & plans. Device possible techniques to handle peer pressure and ditch alcohol,cigarettes , and drugs. Abide to the law and regulations and avoid police related cases. If you’re being pressured into anything, never give in and always walk away. If you manage to stay away from these things during your teenage years, they will eventually become very easy easier to avoid once you’re out of high school and away from peer pressure.


Respect your parents and teachers.
Remember, these people are there to guide you become the very best that you can be in life . Obey and listen 👂 to them and value their opinions & advice , even if they annoy and provoke you sometimes. Keep in mind that they only do the stuffs they do just because they care and cherish you and wants you to succeed in future . Although You don’t have to choose your teachers or your family members , but you still have to hearken to the things they say all the time. . As a Teenager, Learning how to deal with different kind of people now will prepare you for adulthood , you would never never get the opportunity to choose your boss or your co-workers, so learn how to respect and cohabit with them now.

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Get active!
Join a sports team at school or out of school. As a Teenager who is still learning about life, Go for a run in the morning, Start jogging, Start workout sessions, be it swimming or racing, Join a sports team in your neighborhood and get your physical body engaged, exercises works on the mind and brain so exercising helps develop your brain.

Get active today and catalyse your overall growth.


Do what you love.
Adopt a hobby; reading,weightlifting, writing, skipping sewing, singing, jumping dancing, sewing, playing a sport, making pottery, drawing, graphics designing etc. This will help you pass time if you are not too engaged and help you develop your personality in the society . Also try to Experiment and discover and invent new things;as a Teenager you might be very marvelled and surprised to find out that you really like these things you have discovered and that a new set of happiness.


Live your life to the fullest!
You’re only young for a little time, so before get into the adult range, please enjoy your life, as a teenager try to achieve your fantasies because teenage years is very short and you would regret it when you do the things you wished you should have done. So live your life to the fullest because it only one life that we have.


Be a believer .
Start believing in a cause, follow things that you strongly believe in whether it is a social or environmental issue, or even a religion. start forming and building your own ideology through this way. Form your own opinions and stand by them no mather situation . Stand up for what you believe is right.

IN SUMMARY : please read the 9th point again. Live life to the fullest. It has no duplicate. ♥

Please If you have a teenager please share this to them, they will appreciate you forever ❤, This article will make you remain I’m their heart ♥ throughout their lifetime.
this will also help them mold their lives from an early Stage.

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