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Steps to Achieve any Goal you set

Growing up is always a thing of joy, as a kid I had fantasies that made me want to grow over night, I could vividly remember those days when I was very jealous of my aunties, uncles, patents, and my elderly is in general. it wa disheartening seeing things I could do but without the will power to do them.

I can remember the faithful day I walked up to an old man and told him I want to grow very fast so that I can do every thing I desire without being questioned, though he laughed it away but I went feeling very neglected.
When I hit 20 years, I figured out that being an adult is more stressful to being a kid, I lost the people that cared, Right now am in my late 20s I took out my time to make research and figure out figure out how to achieve those things I formerly fantasised; Which I will be highlighting below.

The first thing I will be be sharing with you, which is the bedrock of life improvement Is


Yes this is the only way you will get the best out of your life. If you are able to decifer your utmost desire and life interest, I will Become easier to develop your self in every ramification. Having done this; the tips below will make you become that person you desire to be.


Procrastination Is the best destiny / goal destroyer, yes you may have good innovations but if you don’t have set of Goals (steps) to develop such innovative ideas it will become as good as not having them in the first place.


Develop a road track which is much easier to achieve anything you want to achieve, planning out your next moves will make tedious stuffs easier and simple .


Reading is the best way to tackle difficult situations, find out good authors and books that is related to your dream ( goals) as this will widen your knowledge.


it’s always very hard to choose mentor’s because they may end up misleading you but it’s important to look up to someone who has gone through the track you are, get close to them and ask them what their source of motivation is. Progressing to the next Steps to Achieve any Goal you set .

Truly sometimes it gets tough and you become completely confused, especially when you don’t have any means to actualize an idea that is in your head. At this point all you need do is watch a video maybe on YouTube or a movie related to your present challenge.


The people around you defines you and your personality, so find people who push you to do more and stay with them always. This kind of people will bring out the best in you. And help you get to your goal.


If you are determined to do something, do it at that point in time, don’t postpone it as this will kill your morale. If you keep saying ( I will I will) you will never achieve anything reasonable in your life.


I know people will tell you prayer without work is nothing : yes to an extent it’s true but generally it’s not. Keeping God close will make difficult situation easier, so it’s always vital to tell God your next plan and ask for his suggestion.

In summary please always have a work plan and Ignore what others say about what you do. Keep improving on a daily basis. You will surely get their. Thank you

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