University students

Students in high institution wonder why their academic performance decreases immediately they step into the higher institutions we will discuss reasons why students Fail in higher Institution.

Some who were stars ✨ in their secondary school days but they  became  total failures in the university 🎓, Polytechnics  and college of education.
Before we proceed to the main topic of discussion let’s get familiar with the primary source of academic failure in the higher  institution Below 👇
The apple of discord in low academic grades in the university or any other higher institutions is wrong choice of course . Many students choose a course simply because their friends chose the course or that the course of study  pays very well while others are persuaded by their parents.

With the root discussed let’s see the other reasons why students fail.
1) LACK OF READING CULTURE : some students want and dream for Best grade but they can never sit for 30minutes & read.
2 WRONG RELATIONSHIP : Some students prioritise their affairs than their academics which drives away their  zeal  to Lear and study.

3 KEEPING BAD FRIENDS : The rule of life Is that the people you hang around affects the way you behave, so if you hang around people who don’t like reading, you will never succeed no mather how determined you are. Keeping serious friends goes along way in preparing your academic mindset.

University students
University graduates

4 LACK OF ATTENTION DURING CLASSES : I won’t waste much time on this point, during my days my lecture jotting note  is the best place I run to during exams because I understand everything contained in it in my own language, [wpstatistics stat=usersonline] some students relly only on test books not knowing that some lecturers prefer what they teach in class more than what’s in the text book.

5 INAPPROPRAITE PREPARATION DURING EXAM : How will a student succeed without studying past questions and reading properly for exams? Some students has thrown their minds on exam malpractice (expo) this eats deep into them that they can read through a page..

This are the basic cause of failure in high institution others are secondary ;if you can avoid this mistakes then you are sure to graduate with at least second class..

In our next article we will disclose the secrets to examination successful. Stay Tuned 📻.

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