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Easy way to make legit money online.

Today we are going to look at the way to make good money online
This thread will be all about exposing one of the numerous ways to make money online without much stress however I promise that this topic will be fun filled and will be interesting too.


On this topic I will be focusing on how to make money with NEW and EXPIRED domain names,alongside tips, experiences. Do and Don’ts.
Sometimes It still amazes me that quite a large and uncountable number of Nigerians are fully online with different devices & phones and computers but yet not making any money from it. Many citizens has failed to realise that things have changed and one of the easiest ways to make cool money now is online. Quote me anywhere.
Now for those, probably you may be asking” what a domain name is and how you can make money from it”?

Just sit back & relax.
THE easiest way for me to explain a domain name is an “online real estate” . If you want to get a website maybe for personal or business use, the first thing you need is a domain name. Likewise if you want to to build a house, no matter how beautiful your plans and design is, you need a land to build on first.

So quote me, without a domain name there will be no website. Also Without a domain name there also will be nothing like e-mail address. “Now proceeding to how do I make money from it”? The real truth is that most good domain names have been taken. … They have all gone. Taken For example all 3letter domains names has already been taken. You can form it and confirm if you don’t believe it . So The only avenue to target now is expired domain names. Incase you don’t know what a expired domain name isagain? These are domains that the original owners failed to renew before its expiry date .

Every domain has an expiry date. The maximum you can register a domain is 10 yr which the minimum is just 1 year . Listen if peradventure the original owner fail to renew it after the year duration, some grace period will be given by the the registrar after this period the domain will be dropped and become available for anyone to re- register and it’s legal.

Now this is quite easy and anybody with the right information, knowledge and tools can do it and have a wonderful result through it . This is from my personal experience and not by third party, Now this is richly profitable but just like any other business it has some basic strategies and ways to do it in order to get decent result.

If you select a good domain name and start blogging on it or start selling or start advertising in it you will get more visitors.

If you have more enquires to make pertaining this drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

By Flashynaija

Simplicity & courage is all that matters.

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