Easy way to Cure Ulcer, On the off chance that you are having an ulcer, Here is the thing that you will do to stop it.

Numerous individuals are experiencing ulcer today and I need to reveal to you the advantage of ginger and garlic to evade been upset from ulcer once more.

Presently you have gone to endless medical clinics and numerous centers to get legitimate meds for ulcer yet all without much of any result, yet today will be the latest day that you will experience the ill effects of it once more.

Simply go to the market and purchase ginger and garlic, at that point return to your home and eliminate the rear of the ginger and garlic and permit the sun to warm it for five to ten minutes.

In this way get a spotless pot and put it the amount of rice that you need to cook, at that point include all the sauces that you need aside from pepper and when it stays fifteen minutes to be accomplished for utilisation & consumption , cut the garlic and ginger and put it inside the food and wait for about fifteen minutes.

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At that point when you bring it down from the fire, get a perfect plate and take any amount of your choice and eat for that day however recollect, don’t eat it tomorrow. Simply discover something else and eat tomorrow yet ensure it didn’t contains sugar aside from milk, after that day you can eat whatever thing that you need to eat and wager me, you won’t see it once more.

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