SEE The reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner.

SEE The reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner. – It’s pretty cool to fall in love and get love back in return. Any woman or man is considered incomplete without a spouse/partner but also there is a price attached to Every relationship of which the word CHEAT is an integral part . Recently our female counterpart always find themselves in the losing side especially when cheating is involved.

Today we took out time to highlight some reasons why men cheat.
Let’s define

According to Oxford dictionary : Cheating is a way of tricking someone expecially when they Trust you. If you have been cheated on before I know this article will bring back lost memories, just read and prevent it from happening again.
This word (CHEATING) has taken the lives of many men and women. Many women wonder why most “MEN” cheat on their partners, it has become a trend in recent years so to prevent this to happen to your relationship let’s take a look at the things that makes men to cheat on their partners.

Below are “some of the core reason why some men cheat”


Yes I know one will doubt or argue the potency of this point but according to research 70-80% men who drinks alcohol cheat. Alcohol stimulates and excites the body system and when some sexual hormones are activated in the body this makes men run after anything in panties & skirts around them. This is the first catalyst of cheating. B


Couple /lovers

Some ladies find it Difficult to moan when making out with there partners (Men) some are even ashamed of using other s*xual style except the normal missionary style. Research shows that men love women who are active and strong s*xually. When any man is not always satisfied s*xually with their partner; Some won’t complain instead they will go outside and get it from the street.


Beautiful Underwear

I won’t throw more light on this because most ladies knows this already. Sometimes I wonder why girls will keep dressing up just to get attention from a guy /man, only for her to stop looking good when She has gotten the man 👨. Men love attractive women who they can flaunt. The worst thing a man hates is to see a girls Underwear looking very dirty, Or to pensive stinking body odour from his woman, this turns then off totally though some choose not to voice it but trust me. IF you ain’t neat, Your man’s love for you will decrease drastically.



Personally I have noticed that most men hate girls/women who don’t add anything to their life except S*x.

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Any man wants a lady who contributes to his ideas and hustle not the ones who only have their body to offer , most times Men get confused at some points in their life which may be caused by stress or Financial problem etc and that’s the particular time he needs his woman most, so if he doesn’t get those vital advice & encouragement from her, he will try to get it elsewhere.


Group of handsome boys

Simply it’s hard to hang out with your male folks without discussing Women (don’t get it twisted please) , it’s like a factory fitted discussion in men’s gathering . Though some say men don’t gossip but when it come to discussing love affairs and s*xual adventures,

MEN are the best Gossips

They always discuss the most beautiful ladies in their area or workplace, So when they hang around this set of friends they will be pressurised to start cheating just like their friends do that’s while it’s said that

The things you give ears to defines your Behavior

With the above highlights I know you have something/area to work on, though we know that this post will bring flashbacks if you have been cheated on before but it will also teach you how to prevent cheating from your future relationships.

Stay tuned for the next episode on this TOPIC.
Meanwhile tell Us what you think about this issue and other reasons why you think men cheat?

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