Between Business or being an Employee, which is better.

Recently I hear people discussing and arguing about Going into business and Being an employee. So I decided to venture into this argument using a questionare, if you have been having this doubt or questions in you; I advice you to look through this page slowly and assimilate it, hopefully you would extract the things you need to answer this questions yourself .

I want you to know that this article neither favours being an Employee nor being a business man or woman as the case maybe.

Take your time and go through this opinions I raised from seeking people’s opinion on the above topic. Check out the different opinions by people.

First opinion

Is there any disadvantage in the long run if one pursues a lucrative business at the expense of building a career as an employee?
Are there any benefits to being an employee over starting ones business?

Business plaza

Second opinion

Someone once said “people are sometimes willing to others businesses for a lifetime while in the long run failing to mind their’s for just 5 years “.meaning that business is greater than being an employee.

Third Opinion
Looking at the disadvantage of business will be good but Now what are advantages of one focusing on his business :

– first You will be your own boss, and you will also be working on your own terms and doing what you love most without someone else bossing you around .
– Your financial freedom is totally yours to decide:as you will decide what you spend and how you spend them, how much you earn will be determined by you and not by someone else. Because the energy ⚡ you put will be equivalent to the money you make.

-most importantly You will have more time for yourself, family, friends, and the things you enjoy doing.

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Fourth Opinion

Some are born to be employees,while some are more of the business type. Am not insulting anyone, yes It is not an insult, the truth is that it’s not everyone that has what it takes to be businessmen, no matter how hard they try and the energy ⚡ they put, they will always fail when they go on their own, but these set of people always and usually excel as employees with very lucrative jobs. Life’s like that. Don’t ever let motivational speakers deceive you, you have to know which group you belong to.
Man Know Thyself…

5th Opinion

AM not saying being an employee has no long term advantage, it’s far beyond that don’t quote me wrong, but it’s good to consider courses that very are vital for entrepreneural success, and how does one overcome the fear of failure?

Sixth Opinion

IF business fails, wouldn’t it be difficult getting a decent job, especially when you can’t present your business journey on your CV? Being educated is vital if one must succeed.

Seventh Opinion

Let me start by saying this and making it clear :
-No offense to the working folks out there o, but what’s the long term advantage and benefit for employees besides a pension plan…(I’ll leave this as a rhetorical question) ?
– For entrepreneurial success, one needs to understand & know what you’re getting into : it’s important to have the right information regarding any business and also know how learn how to add value to whatever service you will be offering(this is probably the shortest route to success in business. And how do I know? just relate the business people around you and the employees too ).
-And as for overcoming fear, the real solution is simple : start to do something ; don’t and never procrastinate ; just do something! So that even if you’ll fail in the process , you’ll know that you tried and by doing so you’ll learn from whatever mistakes you’ve made.

If you truly went through this article, by now I know you have more confidence in you and you can Clearly decifer where you belong in the above categories.

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