I raised this issue on a forum and got wild answers.
Hi guys, I have been seeing and hearing many disturbing experiences from men in Africa about our women unfaithfulness in relationships, and since am somehow used a bit to whites it’s like I found them difference but I might be wrong and I stand to be corrected. What are your opinions on the both race based on relationship faithfulness?

I earlier raised this opinion on social media and got this responses so let’s deliberate on this issue.
Bellow are some of the responses from social media

It really has nothing to do with race
Tho when a white lady is in love with you… She’s in love with your shiit… Which means
You broke temporary she stick around
You ain’t performing well in terms of sex.. She find a solution with you.
She wont cheat because You refuse to send urgent 2k

Faithfulness has nothing to do with race!!!

This has nothing to do with skin color or race. It’s individual orientation.

If u want to have peace of mind…
Come to kogi and marry

The first commenter is a very wise man,,,,,i love what he said, Na the thing wey dey my mind,,,,,,,,,,❤️❤️
But wait o. This poster must be smoking weed,,,,, because almost some questions are useless, I mean some no get sense,,,,just see question,,,,,,
That’s why i said weed smokers get sense,,,,,,
Right now i dey blow skunk,,,,,,
I don upgrade from normal cigarettes,,,,,,

You get sister abi ?
Bring her make you leave us both for dar oza room
If she no scream I go drink all your agbo in one sitting.

Drop your opinion.

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