Osun Sacred Grove

5 most beautiful places In Nigeria .
If you are new in Nigeria or You are searching for places to tour Below are the most place to Explore.

1. Zuma Rock, Abuja

Zuma Rock
Photo of Zuma Rock

This is the situated in the heart of Nigerian capital, Zuma Rock is one of the most attractive site in the country. The rock which has a human face is located in Madalla, Niger state, it’s axis the North to ABUJA,NIGERIAN Capital, this is a sight anyone tourist in Nigeria needs to see .

2. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu cattle Ranch
Obudu cattle Ranch

Popularly known as Obudu cattle ranch.
This amazing resort is formerly known as, Obudu Cattle Ranch, its probably the most beautiful place in Nigeria. You can Locate obudu cattle ranch at Obudu Plateau, close to Cameroonian border, northeastern part of Cross River state.
It features a very attractive landscape and cool ambiance, with sparkling clouds smiling down on its peaks and down the valleys. visitors can see a good blend of warm and very chilled and cold temperature. Due to experience the the best period to visit the popular ranch is between October and February, that’s the period when the sky is very bright and the air is frosty.

3. Olumo Rock:

Olumo Rock
Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta
If you are Touring Abeokuta and you don’t visit the famous Olumo Rock, your touring is no complete . Abeokuta, which means ‘under the rock’ and this famous rock complements the city 🌆, Don’t leave Nigeria without seeing Olumo rock. Olumo Rock served as a rock of offence, defence and a fortress for the natives of Egba Land, since the 19th century.

4. Ancient Kano City Walls

Ancient Kano Wall
Kano Wall

The city has taken a modern cosmopolitan status, inhabitants of the city’s past made this location the hub for commercial activities during the trans-Saharan trade which remains till date . The Main identity of Kano state can best be known and felt in the old city area.
However, due to the emergence of modern structures, the city walls is loosing it’s identity, relics have been wiped away gradually by man and nature. According to history, the walls also helped in monitoring the migration of people in and out of the city.,

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5. The Iconic Osun Sacred Grove:

Osun Sacred Grove

The tourist center Ranks amongst the list of top tourist locations in Nigeria, the Sacred Grove is a forest which is classified one of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) world heritage rites. This sacred forest is located towards the outskirts of Oshogbo, Osun state, along the banks of the Osun Riverside, in Osun.
Yoruba people widely predict and assume that Osun Sacred grove, is home to Osun, and also the goddess of fertility. there’s a festival that celebrates the fertility goddess holds every year in Oshogbo. Furthermore the other attributes of the forest is that , the forest contains about 400 different species of plants which are used for different medicinal purposes.

Above are the 5 most beautiful places in Nigeria. Have you been to any of this place? Tell us your Experience.

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